Capital Construction Company was founded in 2016, but collectively Kelly and Ethan have been building, living, loving, and adventuring in Austin since 1999.


Outside of my work through Capital Construction Company, my family is my life…and life has been abundantly good! I married my high school sweetheart, Casey in ‘99, we welcomed our first daughter, Eliot, into our world in 2004, and then took on one of life’s great challenges when our quintuplets – Brooklyn, Britton, Jack, Lila, and Ryan – were born in January 2009. Our life has been on overdrive ever since!

You can catch up on more of our family’s story and day-to-day activities on Facebook and you can even catch us from time-to-time on The Learning Channel (TLC) on a show called ‘Quints By Surprise’. The TV show followed our oversized-but-still-normal family and documents the realities of daily life when you are raising six little ones and trying to do it the right way. TLC’s cameras were a part of our lives since the quints were born until around age 5, making a positive impact on our family and in the lives of many others along the way!

The years 2008 and beyond were not only transformative for my family but were also marked by abundant challenges and professional success. I founded my first construction business, Eliot J Construction (which grew into an award-winning success). I also earned an MBA from Baylor University, graduating in 2010 through their Executive MBA program. Eliot J Construction earned a spot with the finalists in the “Best Custom Home” category of the HBA’s MAX Awards in 2015 and took home first prize in 2016. With the creation of Capital Construction Company, Kelly and I are expanding and improving on our individual visions of how business and trust should be earned, how relationships should be fostered, and how a home should be built.

With a lively, loving, and bustling family as a driving force behind me and the success of Capital Construction Company as a passion ahead of me, you can see why I consider life to be an everyday adventure!


Building homes is a pursuit I come to relatively late in life, though it’s something I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid; I can remember as far back as 7th grade getting into trouble in class for drawing floorplans instead of taking notes. Becoming an architect was the original plan, but a great 80’s movie called Real Genius was probably at least partly responsible for shifting my enthusiasm towards engineering. Remember when Val Kilmer was a major movie star?

Life tends to get in the way of things, however, and a talent that I had for baseball kept opening unexpected doors for me along the way.  Originally entering Texas A&M University on an engineering scholarship, I managed to succeed well enough on the baseball field for the engineering scholarship to become a baseball scholarship, and then professional baseball came knocking: I was drafted in the 1st round of the 1993 MLB draft, and for 14 years I played baseball for a living, 6 of those years being in the Major Leagues with the White Sox and the Dodgers.

I met my wife Jessica in the minor leagues back in 1995, and we were married a few years later in the fall of ’98. Our two boys followed: Fischer arrived in 2001 and Reece in 2004. As amazing as it was to make it to the MLB, it was made a hundred times sweeter by having a family of my own to share it with.

Upon retiring in 2007 after a string of injuries, I returned to my childhood passion and started building luxury custom homes here in Austin. Kelly Wunsch Homes was founded a couple of years later, and over the years I built a reputation as a builder with a designer’s eye, as a stickler for details, and as an eager student of building science. With Capital Construction Company, I’m excited about how Ethan’s and my skills will dovetail and help the company become much more than the sum of its parts.

Outside of work I spend most of my hours coaching or watching baseball and enjoying my family, though occasionally I’ve been known to do color commentary for baseball games on local and regional radio and TV broadcasts. One of these days I’ll find the time to sleep!

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