Testimonial from Bill and Sahar Askew

We had a very smooth and pleasant experience with Capital Construction for our home renovation. Both Kelly and Ethan are personable and easy to work with. They are hands-on and detail-oriented, resulting in a high-quality finished product. I think one of their most invaluable assets is their ability to help effortlessly navigate the multiple decisions and choices that invariably arise during the construction process. This attribute certainly allowed for a low-stress experience.  I would highly recommend their services.

Testimonial from Branch and Carajean Archer

We highly recommend Capital Construction Company, their expertise, professionalism, and eye for design are just a few of the many qualities that makes hiring them a decision you will not regret!

Once the job is complete, you can be confident that they will stand behind their work and continue to meet your needs, the end result of our remodeled lake house far exceeded our expectations, they made a potentially very stressful endeavor an “enjoyable and positive experience!”

Testimonial from Glynis Wood, ASID
Glynis Wood Interiors

I have worked closely with the team over at Capital Construction for years now. From Custom homes to their own personal homes. I love the teamwork they have within the company and with all partners throughout the build process. Both Kelley and Ethan bring skill, thoughtfulness and creativity to each one of their projects. Their communication is upfront and honest. They also take great pride in their work and it shows with each home they build. I highly recommend Capital Construction and personally enjoy working with them. I think you will too. 

Testimonial from Hugh Randolph, AIA
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architecture

I have enjoyed working with both Kelly & Ethan with Capitol Construction, we have completed (3) projects together over the years and I appreciate the qualities that they bring “individually” as well as separately and as an Architect this is important when collaborating so closely.

Kelly & Ethan have a conscientious vision, they are authentic and have a good balance between them and work well as a team and complement each other very well.

When a homeowner is requesting changes, both Kelly & Ethan have approached me first to make sure that the time spent to allow for those changes are not prolonged, as the Homeowner is Important first and foremost and I appreciate and respect the fact that they consider my opinion to keep me in the loop, this alone is so very valuable when working with a team like Kelly and Ethan!

Testimonial from J.C. Schmeil, AIA | LEED AP
Merzbau Design Collective

Working with Capital Construction Company makes my job as an architect much easier. I had the pleasure of working with Ethan and Kelly on a new residence surrounded by heritage trees, on a small lot in a historic district. They eagerly accepted the challenge, and confidently managed the project from the big picture to the small details, all while maintaining clear communication and a sense of humor. Capital Construction Company is always at the top of my list when discussing potential builders with my clients, and I look forward to working with Ethan and Kelly on many more projects in the future.

Testimonial from John Rose

I have passed on my comments to one of their customers in the past. My wife and I had several homes built and a number redid. Working with Kelly was a pleasure which was not the case of several other contractors we worked with.  Kelly was at the job site daily which is very important as there are always mistakes make which need to be identified and corrected before the progress makes it very difficult or impossible to correct. The open cost milestone payment contract worked very well, and the finished cost was within 5% of the budget.  

Testimonial from Kelle Continue Interior Design

Our team has collaborated with Capital Construction on several custom residential homes and has formed a successful partnership over the years. Cap Con believes in strong collaboration and that is evident in their process and clear communication. Ethan and Kelly take genuine pride in the quality and execution of their work and put in the time to deeply evaluate design details to brainstorm on approaches and solutions as a team. Capital Construction values the input and professional opinions of their design partners in such a way that allows projects to be taken to the next level for a thoughtful finished product.

Testimonial from Kim Hartman

What I love about working with Kelly (Capital Construction) is that we were able to recommend him and his partner; Ethan to other Families, as “trust” is the cornerstone between the Client and Builder, and we found that Kelly was transparent throughout the entire process and we were incredibly pleased with the open dialogue in building our home for our children who have special needs.

We had very specific requirements for our home in order to accommodate our Family, and every detail was catered to, we trusted Kelly with Capitol Construction to provide a home that met those challenges and he delivered!

Testimonial from Nicole Kessler, Broker Associate
Compass, Inc.

As a luxury agent in the Austin area for over 25 years, I have worked with many builders…Capital Construction is one of the best! Kelly, Ethan, and I have had the opportunity to work together on several projects and we always receive amazing feedback. Their passion for their projects is unmatched.  They take the time to look at every detail of the home as well as see the big picture. Never taking a shortcut and always putting the client first make working with Kelly and Ethan such a joy! Their eye for design and quality of construction is rare in Austin as they work to make each home a work of art. I could go on and on about how wonderful Capital Construction is, but what truly sets them apart is the genuine people behind the company… that is what the foundation of every great home and relationship are built on!

Testimonial from Rich Maloof

When people are saying that these guys (Kelly and Ethan) with Capital Construction are “experienced and professional” believe them!

The details that both Kelly and Ethan brought to us were so important and frankly surprising as to the level of quality…they thought of the smallest of details that you don’t often or rarely find when working with a home builder, they were very precise throughout the entire process.

I can’t stress enough the level of professionalism that we were given, you always knew it was a top priority for them, and you could also tell, they have pride in ownership as if this was their own home, to say we were impressed is an understatement!

Testimonial from Scott L. Witt, AIA CPHC
Witt Architecture Office

Working with Kelly and CapCon has been a breath of fresh air.  As an architect, well versed in client expectations and the nuance of constructing a custom home, CapCon always delivers.  From understanding the unique perspective of each project – the client, site, architect and budget – they are able to bring the whole team into a focused effort while keeping a fun and stress-free environment around the project.

Testimonial from Webber + Studio, Architects

Over the years, we have collaborated with CapCon on several successful projects. Their crew is nothing short of spectacular. They are consummate professionals, always ready to go the extra mile to execute superior builds. Ethan and Kelly, in particular, are true craftsmen who know how to navigate complex designs through the entire construction process in a timely, economical manner. We will continue to work with them and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom home builder in Austin.

Testimonial from Peter L. Pfeiffer, FAIA
Barley | Pfeiffer Architecture

I know it is a little thing BUT…

The fact that Kelly shared with me that he takes the time to repair his kids toys on his workbench spoke to me.  I do the same.  Like us, he enjoys delving into how things work, and how they fail so that we and he can build better homes.

Testimonial from Jay Walker

Working with Capital Construction I would have to say would be their level of workmanship and follow up that stood out to me during our remodel, but especially working with Matt (Capital Super) and his ability to communicate when I had questions, I really appreciated Matt for going the distance…

There was one instance where it was raining heavily late one evening as we were transitioning from a standard roof to a metal roof and unfortunately this resulted in several leaks and when I called Capital for assistance, both Kelly and Ethan came to our house bringing with them, all the items necessary to help in our time of need…therefore I would recommend Capital Construction to others!

Testimonial from M.R.

The overall experience working with Kelly Wunsch (Partner) with Capital Construction was really good and we are very happy with the end result…not only did Kelly go above and beyond on our project but his input was invaluable, he really made the house a better design in the end, which exceeded our expectations!

Another benefit to working with Kelly is that he stayed on top of the construction process and communicated with us constantly, which again, we really appreciated and ultimately made the entire experience so much better.